Illegal dumps and fire risk

With summer and the heat arrival, fire hazards are spreading, that is why the prosecutor’s office seeks to take the utmost precautions over landfills, one of the main sources of this kind of envirnonmental disasters.  For this purpose, a list has been drawn up detailing landfills, power lines and recreational areas susceptible to fires.

Antonio Vercher, coordinating prosecutor for the environment and urban planning, has alerted the corresponding administrations and owners of the listed facilities, to take the relevant measures to avoid this type of situations to happen. Moreover, the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office insists there is a possibility to punish all towns that do not have fire prevention plans, which are mandatory for those located in high-risk areas.


vertederos, incendios, medio ambienteThe Provinces that posess more landfills with high fire risk are Almería, with 30 landfills, and Cuenca with 21, Andalucía stands out as the autonomous community with the highest number of landfills in this situation, with 44 infrastructures.

The reports published by the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office reflect the success of these campaigns, which have managed to reduce the number of facilities susceptible to generating fires.

Poor management of the waste accumulated in this type of infrastructure could be the cause behind these fires and their serious environmental consequences. The implementation of efficient management systems is basic and fundamental in any type of company or facility.