Extension of the waste collection system in Madrid – Route management

According to the Madrid City Council, a new contract has been approved to manage the collection and transportation of waste from some neighborhoods of fourteen Madrid districts located on the suburbs of the city. The amount of the contract amounts to 83 341 990 million euros, and will start operating next October 1, 2014, until October 31, 2015, with a possible extension of 13 months.

This territorial scope involves the annual collection of 700,000 tons of waste generated by the two million citizens residing in these areas.

Same performance and frequency

The same frequency of collection of all waste fractions is programmed. The collection is carried out in bins and gray containers with orange lids and has a daily frequency, i.e. 363 days a year, except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. The collection of packaging, yellow bins and containers, three times a week. The collection of paper and glass is adjusted to the production at any given time.

The agreement covers the following services: emptying of household and commercial waste containers; collection of household and commercial waste; transport, including unloading, of waste at treatment plants and centers; additional waste collection services at markets, health centers, events, large producers; dead animals, removal of waste at fixed clean points and unauthorized containers and sacks for the entire city area.


A software for the management of routes is essential in the process of waste collection, helping management companies to plan routes, automating them, generating route patterns for a predefined list of customers or collection areas, assigning dates and drivers with the corresponding documentation for each route.

In the same way, taking care of the traceability of the waste from its production to its disposal in the treatment plant, providing the user with a record at all times of the operations with waste, whether they are hazardous or non-hazardous.