WASMA PRO is the specialized tool for hospital and industrial waste treatment


It is designed to comply with ISO9001, ISO14000 environmental management standards, as well as current legal and sanitary regulations regarding hazardous waste management, transportation and storage of such waste.

The solution completes the cycle of internal management, traceability and reporting, and can be classified as departmental, production units or waste generated by other organizations within the workplace.

WASMA PRO is a tool that increases the productivity of the organization due to its simple interactivity and dynamic usability, as well as the advantage of being able to access the application from your facilities or from anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection. It supports the complete management of waste producers, container management, laboratory management, traceability and reporting, thus providing an optimal solution for organizations and consultants in charge of carrying out these processes.

The WASMA application is a comprehensive management tool for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, managing all processes and their particularities in a single tool.

Solves all management, storage, traceability and legal requirements in the waste management field

Optimizes processes, improving their efficiency and traceability, making it possible to access all information in a simple and accurate way.

It allows the possibility of sharing information among all components of the organization or with its producers, improving productivity and efficiency.

Among its main features it can be highlighted:

  • Security management by users and profiles, detailed by process.
  • Processes aligned with ISO9001 and 14000 standards.
  • Predefined exportable reports to Excel, Word and PDF formats.

The application has a system for managing users individually or by groups of users, allowing the access and modification capacity necessary within the competencies of the personnel within the company.

In most of the forms of the WASMA application, the upper part shows subforms that allow us to search for records in different databases: producers, waste, notes, invoices, etc.