Software for logistic strategy

Poligabi is constantly striving to improve the global offer to our customers. For that reason, we are aware about what we want to achieve with each of our applications. In logistics systems, we have the best tool to have the right materials and items in the right quantity, in the right time and at the lowest possible cost.


P-Logistic solves Stock Management tasks with the procurement module of the application, (realization of volume orders, tracking and control, reception) improving your business supply chain substantially with the consequent cost savings.

devolución, facturas, análisis, seguimiento pedido, recepción, estrategia


P-Logistic also aims to save time in repetitive warehouse tasks, with the goal of increasing worker productivity. The application handles the following tasks:

– Stock management of raw materials or semi-finished products.

– Product transportation within the company’s warehouses.

– Stock management of final products


P-Logistic completes the cycle of its usability with the distribution module, which is in charge of managing transportation processes to intermediate or final warehouses, as well as the final disposition of products at customers:

– Transport of final products to the various intermediate warehouses.

– Stock management of the different intermediate warehouses.

– Stock management of final or local warehouses.

– Transport of final products to customers.