App and Mobility Development

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Customized Development

In Poligabi we provide services known as “software factory” or customized development. Provided with an experienced team along with the appropriate methodologies, it allows us to achieve cost, efficiency and functionality purposes.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a commercial solution that fits our management model, therefore for the migration of last generation systems we have the following advantages at your disposal.


IT Externalization

Although techological outsourcing can bring out great benefits, the most significant one is the increase in competitive advantage. Down below,  we highlight some of their many benefits.


Digital Marketing

The digital marketing plan is the right option to improve customers approach, create potential ones, increase the impact of your organization in online reputation and strengthen the investment return of your campaigns.

Let us advise you and implement a digital strategy to go further.

Technical Support

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P SAAS Consultancy

Poligabi is on the forefornt for seeking new techological service models. 

For this reason, P-SaaS, Software as a Service, offers our clients the possibility of working with software migrations by outsourcing their applications to our company. In this way we contribute to the corresponding cost savings that your organization may incur.

We provide these main benefits to our customers:


Any business management program requires an implementation in which all members of the organization are involved, in this way, in Poligabi we are expereienced on its deployment. 

We think that software availability is enough for the organization to use it correctly, however reality shows opposition to changes and lack of information of all user groups.

In Poligabi we offer:

Software Implementation Plans

# P SAAS, customized development based on your organization’s needs.

# WASMA ERP, management program for intermediate and final waste managers and their documentation.

# WASMA PRO, hazardous waste management program focused on producers (industry and health care).

# WASMA BCO, waste management program for public administrations.

# P INTEGRA, financial consolidator of balance sheets for business groups and joint ventures.

# P LOGISTIC, logistics management solution, with special emphasis on the field of healthcare.

# P QUALITY, quality management, processes and audits solution.

Since 1996 we have been focused on listening and understanding our clients and users needs in order to solve and improve management challenges. Within this work policy it is worth mentioning:

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