Environmental impact of festivals

With the arrival of summer and heat, the number of festivals being held every year is on the rise. But meanwhile organizers are filling their pockets, waste management companies and ecological organizations are holding their hands up to their heads, due to the huge envirnomental impact they generate.

The english organization Powerful Thinking made an study about carbon footprint this kind of events provoke. This report reflects that the fuel consumption from the employed generators es much more bigger than necessary. One of the solutions they provide from the organization, is measuring the expected consumption or using ecological energy alternatives.

Thanks to this type of studies, and to the global environmental awareness movements, it has been achieved that some shows take actions to reduce their environmental impact. The plastic war has made that some festivals, such as Rototom Sunsplash, serve as an example of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

One of the biggest inconveniences that this kind of events show is the treatment of wastewater from portable toilets. These urinals prevent unbridled use of water, making waste to concentrate and hold a highly elevated Ph.This kind of situations make wastewater treatment plants have certain problems when admitting it, provoking delays and innecesary costs.

One of the viable solutions is depositing the waste on public sewers, as trailers do, in the enabled places. Another possible solution would be making compost, but his means and increase of emisions because it requires trasnportations and the regulations prohibit waste transportation to other regions.

Despite seeming weird, the most problematic wastes are cigarette butts. Maybe one of the reasons why this element is not perceived as garbage is because of the big social acceptance on throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Few people know a cigarette butt takes between 1 to 10 years to degrade, much more time than a bubblegum. The main componentthat that lasts longer on degrading is the filter, due to its composition and the  tobacco substances adhered when smoking, represents a great risk for the enviroment because it can contaminate both ground and ground water.

Source: https://www.larazon.es/sociedad/medio-ambiente/basura-y-toneladas-de-co2-la-otra-cara-de-los-festivales-PA24177228